About Us

A few other people have tried to make vaporizable extracts of Mitragyna Speciosa
before without much success. One manufacturer just mixed raw Kratom powder in
vegetable glycerin. Another manufacturer did a basic alkaloid extraction but neglected a
key step! This second manufacturer actually achieved significant distribution because
people are EAGER to try alternative methods of ingestion of Kratom, and yet… their
product doesn’t work so well.

The active alkaloids in Kratom are Mitragynine and 7-OH-Mitragynine. They occur
within the leaves of the plant as an alkaloid salt. The salts of many active alkaloids are
not effective when vaporized! Our lab has dialed in a process in which we are able to
convert the broad-spectrum alkaloid salt into its base.
The result? Now we can VAPE Kratom! KRATOVAPE™

Vaporized Kratom alkaloids have a similar effect to oral ingestion, although
somewhat milder and shorter-acting. For many, especially vaping enthusiasts, this is
desirable. Dosing can be more precise and convenient then powder or capsules. A few
puffs of Kratovape tends to be very relaxing and euphoric, and may provide relief from
pain, anxiety, and depression. If more is vaped, the effects are cumulative, and can
become quite strong, causing a person to feel very relaxed. Vaping Kratom also induces
much less nausea than eating it!

There is practically no overdose potential when used responsibly. Even if people
vape Kratovape to excess, the biggest effect is drowsiness. Eating Kratom has been
widely accepted to be mostly safe as long as people don’t combine it with alcohol or other
drugs, don’t drive while under the influence, etc. That said, vaping Kratom seems to be
even safer! If a person eats too much Kratom they may be puking for hours and get
‘higher’ than they intended. Vaping Kratom is smoother and gentler on your system, and a
person can control their dosage much more easily with almost no side-effects.